Nude make up look collabo – Lola OJ X Nikita Baffour

You may know that I love a nude make up look, a subtle but defined make up look with neutral tones is often what I go for.

Once in a while, I sit down and allow others to create a look on my face. I worked with Nikita Baffour, a UK based an MUA to create a nude, glam look ideal for those who do not like dramatic or bold make up but still want to be look the part at an outing.
To be honest I am rather picky and annoying when it comes to letting others do my make up, hence why it doesn’t happen often!
The focus of this video is more about the simplistic techniques and colour tones used and not the products itself.
I do hope you enjoy the video and below is the order in which this look was created:
  1. Brows
  2. Eyeshadow & Lashes
  3. Foundation
  4. Concealer to highlight
  5. Setting powder
  6. Contouring
  7. Setting powder
  8. Lips
  9. Powder, blend
  10. Highlight

I hope it helps! #lolaojtv

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