Photos from the Media Release party of Bloodlines Movie

The Media Release party of the much anticipated movie ‘Bloodlines’  held last Thursday 16/6/16 at the prestigious Civic centre in Victoria Island and was a great success. It was a different kind of premiere and was explicitly glamorous, with Nigerian and Ghanaian stars in attendance. The stars included Stephanie Linus and her husband Linus Idahosa,Omoni Oboli, Ufuoma McDermot, Majid Michel, Ali Baba, AY Makun, Bobby Michaels, Ikechukwu Onyeka, Frank Artus, Iyabo Ojo, Nuella Njibogu, Ruth Kadiri, Yvonne Jegede to name a few.
The Executive Producer of BloodlinesEngr Walter Ojimba added that “Our goal is to use African stories and produce films for the international market , films that can compete worldwide and place African Cinema in the global film market positively”.According to the Bloodlines Movie Publicist Ms Bola Aduwo ” This is what we set out to achieve, make the people happy, give the media some fun, entertain our guest to a night of glamour and we thank God we achieved it”.

The Director and Producer of the film Mr Pascal Atuma added “This is just rehearsal party, we are still warming up, the real game will start soon by Gods grace. Craigwal Group and The Atuma Brothers International Company (TABIC) will continue to do our best with our partners till we bridge the gap between Hollywood and Nollywood completely”.Bloodlines opened in cinemas nationwide last Friday. Now showing in Genesis, Filmhouse, Ozone, Kada, Viva and Silverbird cinemas across the nation. Go to a cinema near you , see the film and be a part of the movement!
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Photo credits by: Novo Images
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Events Planning & Decor by Bim Bimz Events & Confectionary
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Twitter: @bimbimzevents
PR by Bola Aduwo of Dreamflite PR Services
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Twitter: @PR_dreamflite
1, Omoni Oboli
2. Ufuoma McDermott
3, Stephanie Okereke
4, Sylvya Oluchy
5. Ruth Kadiri
6. Yvonne Jegede
7, Nuella Njuigbo
8, Iyabo Ojo
9, Bola Aduwo
10, Paul Obazele
11 Mr & Mrs Walter Ojimba – Executive Directors, Bloodlines Movie
12. Pascal Atuma (Director) with Sen, Ben Murry Bruce
13. Ewoma Abegunde (Silvberbird Distribution)
14 Walter Ojimba with Sambasa Nzeribe
15. Chris Uti, Chika Alakwe & Ejike Ojimba
16 Ali Baba
17. Kene Mparu CEO, FilmHouse Distribution

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