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Famously Single: Fame and fortune may come with a lot of privileges – but the guarantee of a successful dating life isn’t one of them. In this brand new series, E! uncovers the fascinating romantic lives of eight Hollywood celebrities, who are living under one roof as they go through relationship rehab together. Throughout the series they are tasked with fun challenges and exercises that expose and untangle some of their most private emotional experiences and dating fears, led by experienced relationship expert Dr Darcy Sterling. As the series progresses, romantic connections begin to evolve within the house. From Tuesday 21 June at 21:00 CAT.
EJ and the City: #Richkids of Beverly Hills star EJ Johnson launches his own show on E! this month with the debut of EJ and the City. Johnson is joined in the show by his sister Elisa, Samaria Smith, daughter of LL Cool J, and real estate development heir Sanaz Panahi. Follow the fashion-forward friends as they jet-set from coast to coast while taking the next steps in their careers and love lives. FromSaturday 24 June at 18:00 CAT.

Discovery Family
Telescope (Premiere): Since the dawn of civilisation, humans have gazed toward the heavens and wondered: How did the universe begin? Where did we come from? Are we alone? Over the centuries, we have built increasingly sophisticated instruments in an attempt to answer such questions. This one-off documentary goes out of this world to explore the history of the telescope, from Galileo to Newton to Hubble and the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), currently under construction. Airs on Sunday 26 June at 21:00 CAT.

Rufus: Have you ever wished your dog could morph into a human and really become your best friend? In this movie that’s exactly what happens to Manny and his pet Rufus. For Manny it’s a dream come true, until Rufus’ playful manner makes him the most popular boy in school. Manny’s jealousy gets the better of him when his crush, Paige, takes a special interest in Rufus. Catch Rufus on Saturday 24 June at 17:00 CAT.

Morning Marathons and Movies: These holidays, Nickelodeon is the channel to watch. From Monday to Thursday at 08:00 CAT there’ll be marathon episodes of Game Shakers, SpongeBob SquarePants and The Loud House. From 16:10 CAT on weekdays there’s a movie festival. Catch the Best Player, The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, Rags, Swindle and Ever After High: Way to Wonderland on Monday 27 June at 08:00 CAT and 16:10 CAT

Weekend Marathon: Kit n Kate: Two small kittens’ named Kit and Kate love their toy box. As soon as they hop inside, magic starts to happen. In each episode the kittens meet a mysterious stranger who always happens to be their Mum or Dad in disguise. The stranger helps the kittens to solve all their puzzles and enjoy even the bumpiest ride. Catch them Every Saturday and Sunday 10am – 12pm

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Croatia v Spain Live on Select 1 at 8:00pm, Tuesday 21 June 2016

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