President Buhari throws a wrestling challenge

Yes, the President is back in the country; and according to him, he is back stronger and better. He is feeling so strong, he was ready to take on anybody in a wrestling bout, including the  reporter in front of him.

This comes after his return from the unscheduled vacation and trip to London to treat an ear infection which the Presidency claims was the reason he canceled his proposed Lagos visit a few weeks ago.

Addressing journalists at the airport, Buhari jokingly, challenged one of the correspondents, who asked him of his state of health, to a wrestling competition.

“You have seen me, you saw me when I was going, you can do the assessment by yourself,” he said.

“You can see me inspecting the guards of honour, if you want to wrestle me, you can do so, but you know I’m taller than you.”

He said he is resuming work stronger and more energetic.

To show how strong he was (or perhaps protect his ear from more damage), The president refused to use the helicopter meant to transport him to the presidential villa, but rather embarked on road journey.

It wiill be recalled that Presidencial spokesman, Femi Adesina had in a briefing downplayed the believe that the President’s age is somewhat affecting his performance. He said:

“As the saying goes, ‘old wines are tasty’ and the President Buhari we have today is a man, like old wine, that has got tastier. At 72, yes, he can’t be called a youth, but he has in quantum the wisdom, the patience, temperance and forbearance that age brings,” he said. “And all these virtues he has brought to the Presidency, to make a difference in our national life.”

He underlined that at 72, the Buhari persona has not changed, as he remains the simple, honest, incorruptible patriot he has always been.

“And because Nigerians earnestly desired change, that was why they voted for him overwhelmingly at the general elections in March, this year. All the virtues and values of the Buhari persona will be deployed into governance in the weeks and months ahead.”

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