Paris Jackson hits back at fans who criticized her on father’s day

The 18-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson has honored her father in various ways since he passed away in 2009, getting tattoos and sharing photos of her with the King of Pop, but when she didn’t post something to social media Sunday in honor of Father’s Day, Internet trolls criticized her.

But just because she didn’t post a tribute to the late musician doesn’t mean she wasn’t thinking about him. “If you try to harass someone into posting online about a holiday (Father’s Day), ask yourself if it’s any of your business,” Paris tweeted early Monday.

Paris’ tweets were in response to certain haters who questioned why she wouldn’t when it seemed like everyone was posting pictures in honor of their fathers. A few hours after her initial tweet, Paris slammed them once again. “Having 8 tattoos dedicated to someone overrules a single post about them on a stupid social media acc because of a holiday. #justmyopinion,” she posted.

The latest tattoo dedicated to the “Thriller” crooner is an image of her dad’s Dangerous album cover. She got it inked at the end of May. It features his eyes as well as a decorative frame complete with a crown, elephants, monkeys and a peacock.

“‘The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is the present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all creation,'” Paris wrote before adding, “Never forget your roots, and always be proud of where you came from.”

Before that she had another piece of artwork tatted onto her body. “‘Queen of My Heart’ in his handwriting. To everyone else he was the King of Pop. To me, well, he was the king of my heart,” she captioned the black-and-white photo showing her smiling and looking at the tat in the parlor. “Thank you @dermagraphink, you’re a legend.”

Though she might not have posted anything on Father’s Day, it’s clear Paris is choosing to live her life in the real world instead of social media.

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