Actor, Gulder Ultimate Search Star and Fashion Model, Uche Odikanwa dazzles in Corneliani Men’s fashion Brand!

Behold the New Definition of Modern Urban Masculinity –  Uche Odikanwa (Actor, Gulder Ultimate Search Star and Fashion/Cover Model) dazzles in Corneliani Men’s fashion Brand!
Holy Hot chocolate alert!
First, let’s pause for a moment to enjoy the gorgeousness that is Uche Odikanwa, @UcheBlacknight – (Actor, Gulder Ultimate Search Reality TV Star and Super Model)!
His body is pure perfection. Face, so perfect, it’s unforgettable. He has us saying OMG every time we see his images and works.
Uche is a fabulous example of how fitness and good health can do a body good. A man who has no limit and knows no bounds. A new definition of modern urban masculinity with a dynamic tension of sleek freshness. His sexy and soft set of eyes stare, hot body and gorgeous lips keep calling the ladies. Whether as Diwari’s leading man in ‘OGUN MI’ (http://youtu.be/YzTNIB0ioCw) music video, modeling for top fashion brands both in Europe and America, or mentoring/volunteering at Junior Achievement Ireland, this man is irresistible. Smooth, magnetic, always looking uber sexy and sharp.
Pair those sexy lips and smooth skin with those mesmerizing soft brown eyes and you have all the ingredients you need for an instant Crush.
Caught up with Dublin based Nigerian Model/Actor who recently modeled for Corneliani’s Men’s collections at Malpensa Airport Milan enroute to Ibiza and he gladly shares his top tips for a fuss – free trips.
Nice to Meet you Uche?
The pleasure is mine.
What do you Pack?
I like to travel very light. I bring small carry –on bag that contains just the essentials – a few spare shirts, socks, underwear, shoes and toiletries. If I need anything else, I’ll buy it on-board or at my destination. Or if am shooting for a client, the essentials will be provided by the client. I also bring my USB power adaptor which saves having to bring multiple plugs and adaptors. I am able to charge my mobile phone and GPS watch simultaneously. I also bring my running shoes and Dre headphones as I love to run and hike when away.
What is in your carry-on?
I bring my identity card if am travelling within the EU or my passport if am travelling outside the EU, wallet and miniature –sized toiletries to freshen up. I also always bring a pen as it’s handy to do a Sudoku or complete immigration and custom forms.
Flying and Holiday Essentials?
I always bring a good moisturizer wherever I go as flying in a pressurized environment dehydrates your skin. Most times, I use Kiehl’s Facial Fuel for men. It keeps my skin energized particularly on long flights. For my holiday essentials, I make sure I pack a good fragrance. Most times I use the Armani coffret set which comes with five different scents that I can wear every day. You can also pack them in your carry – on bag and wouldn’t have to worry about airport security.
Favorite View?
That would be watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean from Santa Monica Pier. Unfortunately I will not be going there this summer.
Favorite Holiday Memory?
That would be when I rode an elephant up the hill in Phuket Thailand. It was a very unique experience and it exceeded all my expectations. I would love to be able to return again soon. I also had an amazing time in a remote village on the west coast of Scotland. And at the moment, planning to explore the hills and mountains in Taraba State and Obudu Ranch in Cross River State – Nigeria.
Your Top Travel Tip?
Ans: Make sure you keep hydrated especially on long flights by drinking water, and apply a good moisturizer to prevent your skin and body from becoming dehydrated.
One last word to your fans?
I am humbled and appreciative of your love and support. Thank you! Let’s keep spreading love wherever we go. And let no one ever come to us without leaving happier. God bless!
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