The Kiss by Banky W and Cynthia Morgan

By Debo Popoola

When two people see each other and the first thing they do is to lock lips and tongues in passionate kiss, then there is much more to it than meet the eyes.

Kissing goes beyond the physical exercise of interlocking  lips and tongues, it transcends beyond the borders of just feeling the breath of the other person; kissing is an expression, a deep philia and romantic expression. But most friends don’t kiss on the basis of friendship alone. Friendship would have preceded or opened the gate for the deeper level of communion.

Again, when two persons, opposite sex, not in anyway related by blood, are seen lost in the aura of passionate kiss, we do not need a prophet to tell us that there are two things involved: it is either they are romantically attached already, or they are both having mutual feeling for a prospective romantic attachment.

Once again, kissing, not pecking, is a spontaneous reaction triggered in that region of the brain where sexual and sensual configuration is embedded. This is a biologically artistic computerisation programmed and designed by the Divine; and like every form of art, the beauty of it lies in its spontaneity, gratifying after it has been expressed.

We do not kiss a stranger, except when we are drunk or under the influence of something higher than what we can handle. We do not kiss even the neighbours next door or next house or next street. We do not kiss even some of our blood relatives. We only kiss, lip locking, those that we really really love.

So, it is safe to wish those who are kissing good luck.


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