He killed my son out of Jealousy, mother of diseased cries out

A mother has drawn the attention of police officials over the alleged murder of her son who she claims was betrayed by his friend.

There are reports that a young man has been beaten to death, allegedly for stealing a TV. But his mum claims her son Joshua Mokoena (30) is dead because of his jealous friend.

Malefu Mkomazi (50) from KwaThema, Ekurhuleni said: “I don’t know why he hated my son so much that he even planned his death.”

It’s reported that the victim was kidnapped and moered to death, allegedly by the owner of the TV and four other men.

The owner of the TV has been arrested and cops are still looking for the other suspects.

“That evil man finally framed my son,” she said.

“I’m sitting on this mattress mourning for my sweet child and he’s out there happy.”

Malefu said the friend is the one who stole the TV from a house.

She said the friend had previously stolen water taps and told the owner of the yard that it was her son who did it.

Malefu said the owner came to demand the taps from Joshua but he told him he was not there when the incident happened.


There was no evidence and the matter was dropped.

Malefu said the man also tried to make it look as if her son had stolen a TV, but again there was no evidence.

“This time he made sure he got him,” she said.

“He even told the owner where my son was. They put him in the boot of the car and took him to where he was assaulted.”

She said Joshua couldn’t tell them where the TV was because he didn’t know and he was moered until he died.

“I pray justice is served,” said Malefu.

A murder case has been opened and cops are looking for the other suspects.

However, neighbors claim that both men are known for dubious dealings and believe they were both involved in stealing the Television.

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