Photo: Before and After of Lepacious Bose

Once upon a plus-sized woman; that is now the story of Lepacious Bose, one of the pioneering female stand up comedians.

In fact, her stage name, Lepacious Bose, was humorously coined to reflect the irony of her physical appearance then because lepa is a Nigerian word that describes a slim woman. But as fate( and her effort and dedication towards changing her circumstance) will have it, her physical appearance now perfectly matches that name that used to be her ironic sobriquet.

Lepacious bose b4andafta

In what looks like a move to diss the past, the rib-cracker took to her Instagram page to share ridiculous photos of herself from the days when she used to be plus sized, while appreciating the importance of going slim as she gushed about her amazing transformation.


Lepacious Bose is a United Nations’ peace ambassador, actress, entertainer, a passionately christian, weight watcher, healthy eating advocate. She is also a nominee for 2016 AMVCA.

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