Nigeria’s first Testathon with the Facebook team Set To Hold on Sunday 26th June!


Nigeria’s first Testathon (a hackathon for testers) with the Facebook team on Sunday 26th June!  

The idea was created because nobody ever invites a tester to a hackathon.

Testathon 01

On the day we’ll have 50 of the best testers competing to win some amazing prizes (iPhones, Samsung phones, tablets, drones, headphones, etc).


Here’s a Testathon run with the Spotify team in Sweden. Watch below.

The aim is to bring the very best testers together to:


1. learn best practice

2. connect and network together and

3. win prizes by doing what they love


It’s completely free to attend


The event is by application only – please visit the Testathon website to apply HERE.

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