Freeze is a fame hunter, nothing else; Popular Media Personality claims

Ayomide O. Tayo is a Senior Associate at a reputable media firm has lashed out on Popular Cool FM OAP, Freeze, calling him an attention seeker.

“I am an opinionated person, and I see nothing wrong in airing my views” Freeze revealed in an Interview in March 2016. This was when he had started airing his controversial views on Instragram.
The title of the article on Freeze was “Is the Cool FM OAP a jerk or social critic?” Three months later a lot of people who are familiar with the radio presenter must have made up their minds about Freeze. While some say he is a jerk and others say he is a knowledgeable social critic I personally think he is in it for the fame.
The launch of his own blog makes me believe that Freeze is itching to establish himself as a top celebrity in Nigeria. His trail of controversial statements points to the ambition that Freeze wants to be applauded as a sage. Also the flaunting of his expensive watches hints at an ego that desires to be stroked by the public.

Freeze at the tallest residential building event in Lagos
While Freeze has been able to make a few sound statements here and there he has missed the ball on a whole lot more. His opinion of Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz’s marriage break up was just sad.
I found it really ironic that a man who insulted his former wife on social media, called her an adulteress and revealed other intimate details about his marriage was advising a couple on how to behave. It is both ironic and funny.
Also during the debacle Freeze was blatantly on Tee Billz’s side even after Tiwa Savage had laid several hard facts about her marriage. I think Freeze sided with Tee Billz just to be controversial and create more buzz about him. Don’t forget that he is doing this for the fame and nothing else. This is his end goal.

His recent criticism of Ms. Sahhara representing Nigeria at a transgender pageant is borderline confusing. Unlike his previous comments, Freeze failed to make a concrete point this time around.

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