Eating Cucumber Will Make You Live Longer

CucumberNo lies, but cucumber surely would improve your life span as long as you make it part of your daily meal.It is a widely cultivated plant in the gourd family, this creeping vine that bears cylindrical fruits can also be used as culinary vegetables. originated from South Asia, but now grows in most continents across the world. Cucumber has a lot of health benefits that would wow you, Below are a couple of the miracle cucumber performs that you never even knew about.

  1. If you work a 9am-5pm job, then you’d be needing this goodness, seeing that it contains 96% of water, cucumber keeps you hydrated through out the day all you have to do is keep munching.
  2. Now this a two in one approach, if you have heartburn all you have to do is munch cucumber, and if you want to cure sunburn, apply it on your skin.
  3. No more Detoxifying tea, No more Kidney stone all you have to do is eat cucumber daily because the water in it sweeps waste out of your system
  4. After your evening jog, exercises and you still are not able to burn those fat all you have to do is reach out for one because they are the fastest way to burn those stubborn fat. They aid in weight loss.
  5. I know how it feels having a long day work, and you still have to wake up 5am the next day, you always tend to wake with puffy eyes and eye bags, well let me teach you a trick, to avoid waking with eye bags and puffiness slice and place them over your eyes before bed.
  6. Breast cancer, Lung cancer..all the cancers can be avoided by just adding cucumber to your daily meal
  7. Stop applying hair growth because they don’t work as fast as the Silica in cucumber works in terms of hair and nail growth.

Now with these healthy tips, don’t pass by store without getting one, if for nothing, to increase your life span.

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