Exclusive Interview with Sika Osei on #ZAZAIIInfluencerSeries ‘Long Hot Summer’

Sika talks about her style, major life lessons and next big milestone below…

How would you describe your style?
Extremely easy, comfort is always key and I would rather go for classic and lady-like than go for sexy which not everyone can carry off. I keep it very simple that way I can never go wrong.

Role models?
Personally my mother is a huge role model. She is sacrificial, prayerful, hardworking and an amazing wife and mother. She makes it really hard for anyone else to be my role model, LOL. But career wise though I’m inspired by how accomplished, content and generous Ellen Degeneres is. It’s my dream to get to that point where despite achieving so many milestones, my main goal in life is to give back with so much kindness and change people’s lives for the better.

Best career advice you’ve ever gotten?
First do what you truly love and makes you happy, then make your own lane and follow it. Comparison is always a bad idea unless you’re trying to be like everyone else. Find out what makes you stand out and focus on that.

Special someone?
Yes! But he doesn’t know yet. LOL. No I’m not a stalker. Let’s just say it’s early days and relationship has still not been defined.

What makes you feel glamorous?
My natural hair, surprisingly. I feel effortlessly beautiful in it as it showcases the features of my face.

It’s your birthday! Share some major life lessons you’ve learnt so far?
1) I’ve learnt that the older you get and the higher you go, the smaller your circle gets! And that’s fine! Keep a tight circle and even within the tight circle keep to yourself sometimes. Self-reflection is very important to analyse and strategise.

2) Time waits for no one. Just yesterday I was 21, and now I’m errrr older. LOL. There are so many things I wish I would have done by now and due to fear I haven’t! Moving forward I’m learning to be fearless and do what I’ve always wanted to do

3) Depend on God first then believe in ME! No one will go hard for you as much as yourself! It’s important that self-belief and positive self affirmations always be part of your daily life.

4) Always try and look at everything that happens in life with positivity. As hard as that may sound, I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

5) Always be focused on what’s important in this life! Looks and beauty will fade, material things will come and go, but the impact we make on people’s lives will resonate for ever and eventually come back to you.

How does your work influence your style?
Being a presenter and actress means I can actually experiment a bit more with fashion because I have the benefit of working with a stylist that gives me access to a variety of brands and fashion designers. This makes my style more exciting I guess, and not predictable.

Upcoming projects?
Well, I’m currently working on several personal projects for both TV and Web! Yep, total world domination. So from Vlogs to TV movies I have plans to do projects which would allow people get to know the real me. They are scary but exciting. I’ve also currently embarked on an initiative that I’m super duper excited about called The Creative Inc which will bring young talented creatives together to implement some mind blowing projects.

Tell us about your hair transition.
I transitioned to natural about five years ago. Initially it was to curb my thinning and ever breaking permed hair. But I fell in love with it; how it looked, how it made me feel and even how people reacted to it. Four years in I cut it and started regrowing, and it’s even more enjoyable now than the first time because now I understand my hair and how to manipulate it to make it work for me.

Next Big Milestone
Producing my first feature film. Watch this space.

Style go to uniform?
I have two actually. The first is jeans, heels and a jacket, and the second is a baby doll dress.

Staples for a bad hair day?
Scarves tied in funky ways and hats.

Things you love and hate about the media/entertainment industry?

1) Making a living doing what I love and by expressing myself creatively without having to do a 9 – 5 is always a good idea.

2) It opens doors to meeting a lot of people not just in the same industry but the world.

3) It’s an industry that allows you to be an influencer. As to what you do with it- it’s up to you.

1) It’s quite a superficial industry and a lot is dependent on how you look. This tends to highlight people’s insecurities and flaws and soon some begin to lose track of reality and live in false fame.

2) There is no job security. One has to have thick skin and a hustling mentality to make it in the industry.


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