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I can be a second wife, men are scarce – Nkiru Sylvanus

Nollywood actress, Nkiru Sylvanus says she does not mind being a second wife as she does not see it as ‘a big deal.’

The actress cum politician who was a former aide to the Imo state governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, said ladies must stop having the idea of one-man-one-wife.

She disclosed this during an interview, noting that, “If the situation and the person is good, I’ll go for it.

“I’ve said it before that if ladies don’t stop this nonsense they call ‘one-man-one-wife’, many of them will get to 40 and still remain single.

“There are more women than men. Go to churches, the number of single ladies in most cases is three times the number of single guys,” the ‘Cry for help’ thespian added.



Not many people like a second wife. Not the wives of college friends, not old relatives who can’t remember new names but who remember that they shelled out good money for a fancy gift the first time around, and especially not the original wife, who thinks of herself as the bona fide wife.

But when a man marries for the second time he knows what he’s getting into. He enters willingly, eyes open, arms spread–he’s the emotional version of a skydiver. Emerging broken, bruised and bleeding from a previous fall when the parachute didn’t quite open, he is nevertheless willing to do it again and at an even greater risk– everyone knows second marriages are risky. The surprise is this: when the moment comes, the man jumps with alacrity.

Being a second wife and a stepmother is rather like learning to perfect a set of aerial maneuvers. There are seriously complicated stunts involved– trapeze artists have less difficulty in learning when to disappear and resurface at exactly the right moments than your average second wife.

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