Olamide and Phyno: Gov. Ambode’s new Body Guards?

No, common I am just kidding! they can’t really be the Governor’s body guards, or can they? Is it allowed or is it even possible?

But what is Olamide and Phyno always doing around the governor? Why are they always in his company and why does it seem like there is something going on between the three of them.

wait o, or could it be that the governor plans of making them commissioner and assistant commissioner of Music and Entertainment in Lagos state? Hahahaha…..anything is possible o.

What ever is the connection between them, you can bet that it is a good one because there is an adage that one who lives in the king’s courts does not beg for bread. There is no doubt that Olamide and his brother from an eastern mother (and father), Phyno are enjoying this relationship in no small  way.


Aint they standing like his body guards? #smiles

Olamide says it in all his recent songs how close he is to the new Governor of Lagos State, Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode; he even claimed in a recent song he was featured by Phyno that he is now an adopted son of the Governor.

A post by Phyno yesterday on Instagram may just go on to explain how close the duo really are to the governor, he posed a picture where they adored a fairly relaxed Gov. Ambode in a photo.

There are claims that the two rappers are always in the Governor’s convoy even when on official duty.

Recently, Olamide and Phyno collaborated on a thankful note to God counting their blessings in the song ‘Fada fada‘.

Their previous 2012 collaboration, ‘Ghostmode‘ was a hit.

Ironically, it will surprise you to know that I am actually listening to ‘fada fada’, a song by Phyno featuring Olamide as I write this song. No o, that wasn’t the inspiration behind the post because I actually started writing this post before the song came on.


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