Juju Music Legend, KSA, Launches Own Radio Station

M&C FM takes off in Akure

Juju music legend, King Sunny Ade, has joined the class of telecast media proprietors in Nigeria as he dispatches his radio station, M&C FM.

Taking on after an effective three-week test-running of the Ondo state-possessed station, it is set to authoritatively hail off operations tomorrow.

Involving KSA as the Chairman, with an expert group headed by Donald Falayi, the Executive Director of the radio station, Clement Ige said the destinations of the station is to accomplish ‘a reference outfit’ in the historical backdrop of television in Nigeria.

‘We took enough time on the planning phase on the grounds that M&C FM is deliberately unique in relation to the pool as far as introduction and objective. You are going to listen to a medium that will reflect Nigeria in numerous viewpoints that are reasonably intended to motivate for all intents and purposes everyone, youthful and old,’ he is cited as saying by the distribution.

M&C (Music and Culture) will allegedly be charged few days after it starts full operation.

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