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Mystreetz magazine latest cover is titled PHOTO TALE

A look at some of the new generation photographers using photos to tell intriguing stories in the Nigerian art/entertainment industry.

According to Sesan Adeniji, Publisher of Mystreetz magazine

The world today is more or less a world where image matters; the success affiliated with social media outlets like Instagram and Wechat will vindicate this statement. Celebrities all over the world are spending time uploading pictures every minute, feeding the yearnings of their die-hard fans and also opening doors for newer ones.


On the professional angle, images from photographers have helped us understand and communicate messages at some points where language, boundaries and time were all barriers. Photographers have used their images as a form of library to store human, animal and environmental history for the benefit of generations to come. The art of photography as a business has helped us put meaning to several news we read. It has also compelled us to purchase what we need and what we just want for the sake of fulfilling inner happiness.


Today like never before, photographers have gone beyond just helping us to capture those moments of our happiness but have created stories around their other images to help put more meaning to what we know, as well as expose us to several happenings around the world. From capturing images of endangered species to documenting various human cultures and tragedies, photographers have helped to expand the scope of humans on a daily basis.

As of now in Nigeria, photography as a business has gone beyond the idea of those photographers we know inside school campuses and those that beg to snap us at parties. We now have photographers with huge imaginations, using new ideas and their stories to give us better perspectives of life and also make the brands of celebrities more appealing.

This edition is more about those great photographers using their pictures to tell better stories and also adding value to art and entertainment industry as a whole. In this first installment of Photo Tale, we will showcase some of the photographers and their works. These guys are among the most innovative photographers creating some mind-blowing and thought provoking photos’.

Cover Photography by Aham Ibeleme

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