Bimbo Akintola Shares Amazing Weight Loss And Fitness Secret

Delectable actress Bimbo Akintola shared tips of how she achieved weight loss with her fans on Instagram. She also added a video of herself working out on exercise bicycle.

What she wrote via @bimboakintola – ?The single question I’m asked everyday is how I lost weight and the answer is quite easy, DETERMINATION. I made up my mind to live healthy and I’m determined to do so forever. Find healthier options for dessert and snacks. DRINK WATER!!! I also exercise MondayFriday. #healthierchoices #healthyme #ilooklikeaninjaturtle #protectweakknees #loveyourself
Responding to a fan, she added, “@alexandrew1315 I know. beauty for me is not about size but confidence. I’m not preaching ‘skinny’ I’m preaching healthy. A man who only looks at the outside is not worthy of any woman. ?

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