Who wants Van Vicker dead?

Rumour mongers are at it again and the latest from their rumor mills is the death of popular Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker. The rumor went wide like harmattan fire, bringing fear and panic into the hearts of friends and lovers of the talented actor. This is the second time rumor wants him dead. Sometimes in 2010, there was a buzz of his death in the news. Six years later, it resurfaces again. Vicker has however come out strong on whoever wants him dead.

Van Vicker is warning the culprits “WARNING: They have began the rumor again. This picture and news about my death in an accident has been in circulation periodically since 2010. What surprises me is people still fall for it everytime.”

He reminded them “Well, I guess that means you care enough and that is
a good thing but I want you to promise that from today wherever you see THIS picture and it says Van Vicker is dead bla bla bla DO NOT BELIEVE IT.

He concluded “With this, I anticipate the perpetrators will soon come up with a NEW picture announcing my passing on. I am NOT DEAD. I am very much ALIVE and SOARING. My story has NOT ENDED My MISSION is yet to be thoroughly fulfilled.

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