When body sizes don’t matter: Kojo comes tough at mockers

Days ago, the Social Media was buzzing with the pre-wedding picture of two Ghanaian lovers, Kojo Prince and Abena. What made the picture a subject of discourse on the social media sphere was the man’s tremendous ability to lift his plus-size fiancé.pre wedding shoot

While many tongues wagged in mockery of the plus-size lady, others
lavished praises on the man for his effort in lifting his lover up
effortlessly. But the man, Kojo Prince, has come to the defense of his
lover. In an interview with a Ghanaian blogger, Kwadjo Panyin, he
warned that people should desist from making fun of the disparity in
their sizes because he will NEVER allow anyone disrespect his woman
while he is alive.
Read part of the interview:

KP: Have you had any of your friends and family complain or say
negative things about your relationship?

Kojo: Well my family has no problem with whomever you intend getting
married to. Once the love is true and genuine, my family is so cool
with anybody we bring home or introduce to them as a fiancé or fiancée

KJ: What do you love about her the most?

Kojo: I love her size. In fact almost everything about her makes me
love her. She has a warm heart, caring, loving and above all

KJ: And have you had your friends or strangers make fun of her size?

Kojo: Maybe at my back but not in my face. Because I wouldn’t allow
anybody disrespect my woman in my face.

KJ: Also, how does she feel about her size in relation to yours?

Kojo: She is always happy with how she looks. She doesn’t care about
what people say about her. Never! It took me a whole year and some
months to win her heart. It wasn’t easy bro lol

KJ: Who keeps your relationship alive? So what keeps the relationship going?

Kojo: Prayers bro. Every relationship has its ups and downs but when
you entrust it into the hands of God he does all the miracles without
you stressing.

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