Young Entrepreneurs, Business owners & Friends Celebrate Charles Odii at 28

May 29th is a very special day in our country Nigeria. It is the day set aside to celebrate the country’s return to democracy. Yesterday, young entrepreneurs, professionals and influencers gathered not only to celebrate Nigeria but also to celebrate our Executive Director at SME100 Nigeria – Charles Odii on his birthday.

Charles Odii is the visionary behind SME100 Nigeria a social enterprise aimed at empowering young enterprising Nigerians by providing them with access to finance, mentorship, networks, markets and information. With initiatives such as the SME100 business lunch, master classes and conferences; SME100 Nigeria has impacted thousands of young Nigerians in their quest to build sustainable and ethical businesses.


At the surprise birthday organized by some of his closest friends, Charles
Odii also announced the comeback of his fashion label – Charles Bryne
which he founded 10 years ago as a student of Covenant University. Charles
Bryne is a label that allows young Nigerians express themselves through
their style. The Charles Bryne label is a hybrid of foreign standards
with Nigerian appeal.

Needless to say, it is encouraging to see and hear of young Nigerians
making an impact in society in various innovative ways. The future of our
nation is bright and the young people have the task of ensuring the light
never goes dim, as Nigerian’s economy is driven by its demographics with 60% of Nigeria’s population under the age of 35.

Happy birthday to our amazing Executive Director – Charles Odii.

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