Runtown Split From Eric Manny, As His Former Boss/Ex-Con Threaten His Life

According to our sources, Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer Runtown has parted ways with his record label, Eric Manny Records (or at least he’s trying to) and they didn’t do so on the best of terms. Eric Manny, owned by billionaire businessman, Okwudili Umenyiora, has gotten a court injunction stopping Runtown from performing as an artist, amongst other things, pending when they settle their issues.
Runtown got his lawyers to write to the label, claiming threat to life, extortion, and that he didn’t get his payment/royalties from performances, ring-back tunes and etc. He also said he has returned all properties he received from the label when he signed with them in 2014.


Read his letter to the owner of Eric Manny and his lawyers letters after the cut.


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