Veteran Nollywood actor, Adebayo Salami still has some regrets

Arguably, head of a movie dynasty in Nigeria, his children have shown more than ordinary interest in the movie industry holding a lot of various departments exhibiting expertise, creativity and industry.

Blessed with 18 children, and 15 grandchildren, Adebayo Salami popularly known as Oga Bello in a chat with E24-7Magazine said polygamy has never been in his plan as a young man.

“I was so much in love with my wife, you can imagine that my life was such a predictable one, I mean from the house to the office and when I close at work, I will go to Zaad Supermarket where I will pick some items for my wife and later go home for my dinner. After that we go to the cinema or theatre.

Though he has always loved theatre but it was a passion that grew on him and overwhelmed him.

“Surprisingly, my passion for the theatre took a better part of me and I had to leave my job and joined the theatre practitioners.

“It was there that fame came and quite naturally, it came with women who were great admirers and you know, they actually added value by joining the theatre group and playing significant roles. I didn’t plan my life to be a polygamist but fate brought fame and I found myself here.

Asked if he feels successful or fulfilled having many children who have stepped into his shoes

“Honestly the success or fulfilment in this circumstance, is in the fact that all these children come out well, morally and educationally. They have brought me joy unspeakable with their more than ordinary interest in their education. Maybe it would have been the other way if they had failed to be educated.
Perhaps he deliberately lured or encouraged them to go into the film making industry.

“I didn’t plan to have them in the theatre or filmmaking business. I’m sure they must have seen something exemplary, something worth emulating in my journey in life that influenced them to follow the path that I treaded in the arts.

Coincidentally, his wife popularly known as Mama Ejide is a foremost movie marketer/ distributor in Ebipenjo Lane, Lagos.

Suffice to say all the children, from the eldest Wale Adebayo to Femi, the famous actor and Special Adviser to Kwara State Governor on Arts to her sister Medinat, Rilwan,Tope, Olaitan, Sola, Omolara, Sodiq, Bukola, Akeem, Olayiwola, Titi, Olamide, Rasheedat, Kunle, Ahmed and Tobi.

All are graduates except Kunle and Tobi who are still undergraduates. Interestingly, 90 per cent of his children graduated from the University of Ilorin.

To Adebayo Salami , the task of governance is a challenge to all and when he was beckoned at to be involved in the novel idea of the Malete Film Village, “I graciously accepted to be involved because I have always loved to contribute my quota to the development and success of Kwara State.

When the news reached him that one of his children, Femi, a trained lawyer who found fame and relevance in acting had been appointed to serve Kwara State as a Special Assistant to Governor Ahmed, he said, his joy knew no bounds.

“I felt quite glad, happy that he was called to serve the state. I’m confident that he will deliver and daily, I pray that God gives him the knowledge to serve Kwara people effectively.”

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