Mobo award nominee DavidB drops Titi Lai Lai produced by Mosa

Titi Lai Lai is a sweet, beautiful, inspiring and moving song by the multi award winning singer songwriter – DavidB. ‘Titi Lai Lai’ is Yoruba (Nigerian language) phrase for ‘forever’… it talks about being there for the people you love, forever!

The route to work has birthed so many unfinished melodies and incomplete lyrics which stay on DavidB’s phone and may never see the light of day. This one had to though! Commitment, honesty, vulnerability, and love are a few words to describe the emotions of ‘Titi Lai Lai’.

DavidB wrote it with the amazing MOSA who is a talented Artist and Producer in Lagos, Nigeria. He produced the song and DavidB recorded it at his studio in Lagos. The song is unique because it strikes the right balance between a light hearted beat and deep words. It carries weight and substance yet it gets your head bopping. This song is about choosing to love someone from a place of vulnerability and transparency.

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