Flavour put to rest dating rumor between him and Chidinma

Many have often wondered why Flavour and Chidinma always seem to  strike romantic poses whenever they appear together and this was further reinforced by their kiss in the music video for ‘Ololufe’.

The highlife singer however appears to have put an end to the rumour of a romantic relationship as he maintains that the relationship that exists between himself and the singer is simply platonic.

Chidinma is just my friend. Our strong vibe comes from how deep we feel about music,‘ he explained to Soundcity in a new interview.

Flavour further maintained the kiss he shared with Chidinma was strictly professional, saying they only sought to show the real meaning of love in the song.

Most times you do a video and you want it to look real. We are not the first people. Over there you see lap dances and others. Are you feeling it?

Its not about the kissing. People felt the song, they felt togetherness, they were swept away by our delivery, by our actions, by how we expressed and delivered the song. it was so original that’s why people were thinking there was something going on. For real there’s nothing between us, we just good friends and I respect her for that, we cool like that and she’s a nice person to work with.

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