20 common interview questions and best way in answering them

Interview is a key act of recruitment and a tool used by Human Resources or Personnel Manager in scrutinising the long list of job applicants and selecting the best options for the job.


When a job applicant resumè passes the resume screen, the next step is job interviews.

During this screening process, employers often focus on eliminating applicants who are not appropriate for the job or the situation.

No big deal in Job interview, but most job seeker tagged it the most serious thing, which tend them to fall out easily. Familiarising yourself with interview questions ahead of interview session boost your morale and calm your nerve about what other applicants see at almighty.


Below are some common interview questions and the best way in answering them :


Q1.   Why should we hire you?


A1.   If you hire me, it would be a great platform to showcase my skill. Whatever goal I set, I ensure to achieve it within stipulated time.


Q2.   Why have you left your former job?


A2.   In order to enhance my skill set, I am looking for better opportunities.


Q3.   What inspires your interest in our organization?


A3.   The loads of competent staff and the the working environment meets my standard.


Q4.   Why were you fired?


A4.   I had a great boss, but he left. From the very beginning it was clear my new boss and I were going to be at odds. He kept changing the rules


Q5.   Why have you been unemployed for so long?


A5.   I enrolled myself for some advanced personality development courses with some freelance work.


Q6.   What’s your ability to work under pressure?


A6.   I keep myself calm and focus on multitasking, while keeping patience.


Q7.   What are your expectations from this job?


A7.   Professional advancements and better future.


Q8.   Could you tell us your management style?


A8.   I would constantly keep tabs of assigned work with subordinates and seniors and ensure it get done before deadline.


Q9.   Are you a team player?


A9.   Yes, the team which I was part of have always completed projects before deadlines.


Q10.   What irritates you about colleagues?


A1..   I believe in team work, evenn if anything irritates me; I tried to avoid it, unless it affects me personally.


Q11.   How long would you prefer to work for us, if hired?


A11.   As long as I feel challenged professionally.


Q12.   Where do you see yourself 5years from now?


A12.   I see myself in a top position, managing important portfolio in this organisation.


Q13.   Did you see yourself as being successful ?


A13.   Yes, apart from appraisal I think I have earned a lot of good colleagues in my life.


Q14.   What’s your weakness?


A14.   I concentrate on one thing at a time.


Q15.   What’s your strength?


A15.   I am a great team player and a quick learner.


Q16.   What position do you prefer, while carrying on a project?


A16.   It doesn’t matter till I learn something from every project.


Q17.   How do your colleagues describe you?


A17.   A good team player, hard working and person, who posses the 4 communication skills.


Q18.   What are your salary expectations?


A18.   “I’m more interested in finding a position that’s a good fit for my skills and interests. I’m confident that you’re offering a salary that’s competitive in the current market.”


Q19.   Do you have any question for us?


A19.   When can I join you?


Q20.   When can you start?
A20.   I will have to rap up transition in my organisation (if you’re currently employed). I’m able to start tomorrow (if unemployed ).

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