Zainab Balogun, Falz & Shody – Brand Influencers for the Rémy Martin® #OneLifeLiveThem Campaign

For the past few months Rémy Martin Cognac has been recognizing and celebrating individual’s for their multi-talents and outstanding achievements. Zainab Balogun – the first female influencer is joined by Falz who has been chosen as a influencer again and Shody; these individuals all embody the brand’s philosophy and lifestyle.

The campaign tagline, One Life/Live Them®, which assumes its grammatical accident, identifies that today’s consumers are not defined by one talent or skill, but are multi-faceted and should be applauded for their many passions. Rémy Martin’s One Life/Live Them campaign encourages consumers to explore and celebrate all their talents. It is a call to live richer, larger lives, to expand the horizon and seize all the wonderful opportunities that life can offer, beyond the one-dimensional paths that former generations could have embraced. 



Some people are born great, while others stumble into greatness. Zainab Balogun had every indication of one born with greatness from birth and she’s done pretty well in fulfilling that potential.

Born and raised in London, Zainab is an actress, model and television presenter who has been featured in several international campaigns for different brands. She obtained a Bachelor of Law degree (LLB) from the University of Kent. She also studied music in secondary school and eventually went on to join the school choir; she later formed an R&B girl group with two friends.

After being scouted by Premier Models Management at an early age of 16, she began professional modeling and has gone on to successfully diversify into other endeavors. Such is the innate ability she possesses and displays in her multi-faceted lifestyle. You only get one life, after all, so why not live them? RM Artwork_Curved.cdrAfter obtaining her law degree, she began to appear in shows such as BBC One’s Material Girl, Bollywood movie Cocktail (2012), and The Charlatans. She went on to feature on blockbuster Hollywood movie “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises”. She is currently a co-host and producer of The Spot on EbonyLife TV, she’s also a presenter and associate producer on Jumia TV.

Zainab is the founder of Think Social Ltd, a social media solutions agency with clients including international jewelry brand Pandora and Smooth FM Lagos. She is also an accomplished event M.C and she hosts events for Etisalat, Channel O, The Future Awards, Kinabuti and others. She hosted events for Flytime Productions with international artists including Ashanti, JaRule and Trey Songz.



There are some who love what they do for a living because they make money from it. There’s another class of people who make money from doing what they naturally love. The latter can well be said about Kunle Oshodi-Glover Jr who is fast building an empire for himself as an entertainment voice extraordinaire.

A match made in heaven, it seems, as Shody’s zodiac (born December 7) is the very symbol the Rémy Martin brand embodies: The Centaur; a multi-talented being who has revealed the many talents of men and mythical heroes, enabling them to get the most out of life. Not just your average voice-over artiste or hype-man, Kunle packs all the raw strength drawn from his 6ft frame into his smooth voice to thrill and deliver a delightful experience to listeners and audiences world-over every single time.RM Artwork_Curved.cdrBorn to the late Kunle Oshodi-Glover (a former director of Press and Public Relations in the Lagos State Ministry of Information and Strategy) Kunle Jr has honed his trade expertly over the years and deservedly earned his moniker: “Shody The Turn-up King”. He has hosted weddings and events in countries like Turkey, Tanzania, South Africa; was the host of the recent Lagos Countdown 2015, and is also the official host / hype-man for all Rémy Martin Nigeria events. He’s also Runtown’s official hype-man.

A man of many faces; Shody holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Lagos, and is also a proficient content creator and radio script writer. A seasoned radio producer / voice-over artiste / entrepreneur, he also runs his own production outfit called KSG Productions. Why be one thing when you can be many, right?

A protégé of veteran media guru Olisa Adibua, Shody currently works as an Assistant Head of Production with Megalectrics Group (The Beat 99.9 FM, Naija 102.7 FM and Classic 97.3 FM) and is responsible for the production of quite a number of radio magazine shows as well as stingers/sweepers at these radio stations.


Falz Folarin - Remy MartinsFolarin ‘Falz’ Falana RAPPER/ COMIC / LAWYER / ACTOR / THE BAHDGUY

 Who says you could never be successful being a seasoned professional and a literally incurable humor merchant all at once? People holding such school of thought have obviously never met a remarkable character like Folarin Falana.

One would never imagine that an Attorney at Law could ever be so engrossed in humor, talk more make a living off it. But ‘Falz’ does it so effortlessly well; you’d actually wonder if it does require any sort of effort at all. Popularly referred to as ‘Falz The Bahdguy’, he is an interesting persona that embodies what his peers represent fully these days: a multidimensional existence.

Rémy Martin recognizes this generation of people that understand that real fulfillment comes from realizing all of their talents. We salute them. Tagged the Slash Generation, these individuals live a life between slashes – work / play / hobby / desires – and are not defined by one thing that they do, but all that they do. They meet new people, go to new places, try new things and live many lives.

Folarin - Falz - Remy MartinsAfter graduating with LLB Honors and getting called to the Bar, Falz has gone on to exploit his multiple personas to the fullest. A record label executive, his unique and hilarious style has carved a niche for him as one of Nigeria’s most entertaining Rap artistes presently. Famed for his rib-cracking skits on social media, Falz also thrives as a Compere and a Comedian. And yes, there’s more; he also recently debuted as an actor starring in a Sitcom series titled ‘Jenifa’s Diaries’. What more could one man be, right?

Well, for Falz it’s all just about one thing actually – living his one life to the fullest and achieving all his potentials. After all, he is what he is: a Rémy Martin man, and a complete ‘Bahdguy’.

 Keep a look out for some of the other individuals that Rémy Martin recognizes and admires over the coming months.

Why be one thing when you can be many. You’ve only got one life. Live them.

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