GOtv Highlights 03 – 07 May

A Passion for Revenge: Arturo and Sofia lose control of the brakes and have a car accident. Sofia is badly injured and worries she might lose her baby – will she be ok? Cayetana is angry with Irina and brings her back to the ranch. Irina cannot believe what her mother is doing. Irina and Dario create a plan. Flavio confronts Cayetana about holding Irina hostage, and warns her that he will rescue Irina. Once he threatens Cayetana, how will she react? Weekdays at 18:00 CAT

Under the Sky: Carlos is searching for Luis, but he is nowhere to be found. Adela tells Carlos that she doesn’t want to see him ever again. Luis and Susy have to leave the hotel, without the money. Adela is emotional as she collects her things from Carlos’ house. Maria looks for Adela and tells her that she knows Rodrigo is in love with her – she begs her to avoid a family tragedy. Juana is missing. Weekdays at 17:10 CAT.

The Face of Destiny: Buenaventura questions Alicia, but she manages to confuse him and he falls into her web of lies – he even believes that Natalia has an accomplice. Alex visits Martin and begs him not to marry Alicia, he tells Martin that Alicia is the real killer and that Natalia is innocent. Buenaventura is looking for Alicia, but he can’t find her anywhere. Alicia meets with
Francisca, and she has an evil plan. Weekdays at 16:20 CAT.


#Richkids Of Beverly Hills: Experience life in the fast lane with a glimpse into the extravagant world of millionaire twentysomethings. This month, the drama continues as
princess of Beverly Hills Morgan Stewart and her real-estate mogul prince Brendan Fitzpatrick prepare for their ultra-glam dream wedding. Meanwhile, Dorothy Wang decides to give dating another chance;Johnny Drubel is determined to become the next big DJ in West Hollywood and beyond; and having lost 180 pounds, EJ Johnson is exploring the modelling industry. Season 4 premieres on Friday 6 may at 20:00 CAT.


A Different World: From the creators of The Cosby Show comes A Different World, a fresh, funny situation comedy that follows the triumphs, trials and tribulations of students at Hillman College. The series was also widely honoured for its sensitive, intelligent, treatment of contemporary issues, and was a top-ten prime-time hit for four seasons in the US.   Starts Friday 06 May at 12:10 CAT.

Game Shakers: How cool would it be to have your own company? And wouldn’t it be even cooler if it was one that made games and the other employees were your best friends? And what if an internationally famous rap star was your partner? Welcome to the world of Kenzie, Babe, Triple G and Hudson … also known as the GAME SHAKERS! They are only 12 years old, but these kids are a sensation in the world of gaming. Catch up with them in all-new episodes every Monday from 2 May 17:25 CAT.

100 Thing To Do Before High School: Growing up can be scary and exciting. That’s why, before stepping into high school and all its drama and challenges, lifelong friends CJ, Fenwick and Crispo are determined to make their last years of middle school EPIC! Together, they carry out a bucket list to take chances and experience life while they still can, and make their last few years the best ever! Catch them every Monday at 2 May 09:45 CAT

Disney Junior

Sofia & the Secret Library Weekend:  There’s a secret library in Enchancia Castle…let’s explore it with Sofia the First. Don’t miss the latest instalment of Sofia and her adventures within the secret library.  This time, Sofia discovers that Miss Nettle is stealing all the snowdrops in the Kingdom of Freezenburg.  Sofia resolves to stop Miss Nettle with a little help along the way from her trusty friends…and a special appearance Olaf.  Will this story have a happy ending?  Then stay tuned for a bumper weekend from everyone’s favourite young princess.  So climb aboard a magical boat, through the secret passages of Enchancia with us all weekend from the 7 May, kicking off with the premiere of The Secret Library: Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle at 10:00 CAT.

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