Beyonce graces 2016 Met Gala red carpet without Jay Z?

The first lady of Hollywood just graced the 2016 Met Gala with her awe-inspiring presence, capping off quite a whirlwind few days. One might think it would be difficult or awkward to put aside a shocking revenge album detailing all the repercussions of alleged marital infidelity to simply attend a society party, but then one wouldn’t know the power of Queen Bey.

And then what about Jay Z, you ask? Dare we say…no one was thinking about Jay as Beyoncé did her thing. The rapper was nowhere to be found, but it was completely B’s moment out there on the Met Museum steps. And we wouldn’t it any other way.

After arriving in fittingly fashionably late timing, the singer donned a custom Givenchy gown that was oh-so-perfectly Bey, from the cut to the color to the fact that it was basically made of latex. Only you could rock latex at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Queen B. She gave a brief few photos to her adoring public, and then was whisked inside to, well, party only the way Bey can.

Lemonade, indeed.

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