New revelation: real reason behind Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz’s marital tragedy

Tiwa Savage

By Josh Ade

It is easier for two camels to pass through the eye of a needle at the same time than for celebrity marriages to pass the test of time, thus the recent spate of separations between celebrity couples these days.

As the Baloguns (Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz) have already spread their dirty linens in the open, revelations have begun to unfold as to the real reason behind their marital tragedy. Although the media space is already awash with different stories and antecedents to the separation of the Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz, the real truth behind the separation has been revealed.

According to a reliable source, Tiwa Savage became disconcerted after knowing the truth about TeeBillz’s wedlock children he had with different women. Not that Tiwa was particularly ignorant of TeeBillz previous escapades, but the latter deliberately hid from the former the number of heaven’s gifts he had had with different women.

The cream of the crop was when Tiwa got to know about one of TeeBillz’s child he had with a woman, one Dr Vivian who is in her 50s, and an American based plastic surgeon. All along they had been struggling to conceal it. Dr. Vivian is well known and loved in high society circuits. This was revealed to Tiwa Savage few weeks after the opulent wedding that was held in Dubai.

Ever since getting to know about many hidden past of TeeBillz, Tiwa Savage, who wedded at the peak of her womanhood, decided to endure the relationship until she too can boast of a child. According to close associates of the estranged lovers, their marriage had always been patched with pretentious love that was never there and it was evident that there was no iota of nuptial love between them.

As Tiwa got hold of what she wanted – her new baby boy – she became a totally strange woman to her husband as she could not pretend to be in love again with TeeBillz, this is why he became so frustrated by attempting suicide and voicing out his displeasure in the social media.

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