Should Tiwa Savage Have “Talked” About TeeBillz? The Business & Legal Implications of Tiwa’s Tell-All

tiwa savage

Following a very public shaming of Tiwa Savage by her husband Tunji Balogun aka Tee Billz where he accused Tiwa of infidelity, neglect and emotional abuse, abused her mother, threatened and later attempted suicide, Tiwa granted an explosive video interview to the press. In the interview, which occurred less than twenty-four hours after Tee Billz’s suicidal attempt, Tiwa pulls no punches. She accused Tee Billz of being a drug addict with his choice being cocaine, a deadbeat father, emotionally abusive, financially inept, adulterous, fathering a child out of wedlock, and claimed/insinuated he was wanted by Nigeria’s federal crime/prosecutorial agency, EFCC, for seemingly criminal activity involving a 45million Naira ($40,000) loan. She confirmed he in fact had mental health issues of which he had been receiving treatment but did not seem committed to treatment because he always quit half way through. She confirmed he in fact did try to commit suicide, and also that she was concerned her tell-all video would possibly trigger another attempt to hurt himself.

“In fact as we are doing this interview, I am worried that he might see this interview and it might trigger something and make him do, make him really go and do something bad. I am worried,” said Tiwa. She followed up immediately after with, “I don’t want my son to grow up and hear, God forbid, that his father committed suicide.”

She revealed she fired him as her manager because he was allegedly “stealing from her” and that is when all the issues really began. In addition, she claimed he was allegedly co-mingling personal and business funds and when she challenged him, he failed to see anything wrong about it and refused to change. She declared she was through with the marriage, did not want a divorce but was forced to get one given the circumstances.

In this 78th episode, Ms. Uduak, host of The Africa Music Law Show, along with invited guests attorneys Unwam Oduok and Fawehinmi Oyinkansola take on Tiwa’s tell-all looking a the business and legal implications. The goal is to empower the average Nigerian/African artist with powerful business and legal education that hopefully ensures a stronger and sustainable entertainment industry. For an analysis on T-Billz’s statements and behavior, please visit episode 77 here.

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