The Jungle Book Rules The Box Office

There was always a sense that The Jungle Book as well as Captain America: Civil War were always going to be extraordinary movies capable of crossing the 1 billion dollar threshold.

Disney’s extraordinary remake of the The Jungle Book is proving popular with movie goers as it grossed a whooping $103.2 million in its opening weekend and continuing in the second weekend grossing $61.5 million.

With movies like Barbershop: the next cut and The Huntsman; Winter’s war also at the cinemas, Jungle book’s numbers are even more impressive.

This week Jungle Book will face its stiffest competition yet with Captain America Civil War slated for release on May 6th and advance releases of the movie already showing internationally.

The Jungle Book will face competition from Civil Wat

Captain America Civil War is due for release on May 6


Will any of Disney Studios offering gross $1 Billion?

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