Zee World Weekly highlights 2-6 May

Below are the weekly highlights for Zee World from 2-6 May   


Tara gets an unexpected phone call from her mom leaving her in distress. Tara’s father passes on but before that he reveals the secret to Nahar about Urvashi and what the unknown man has tragically given her. Shubra is faced with a tough decision that requires a very big sacrifice.

Kunjan makes his appearance and Shubra is left standing in shock. Urvashi strikes again this time she gets Tara trapped in a life threatening situation. Kaveri convinces Ambika to the unthinkable.


The Vow

Vydia and Chetan trap Surili into revealing the truth about Sameer’s true identity. Sindoora suspects that someone in the family might know her and Surili’s secret and starts questioning the family.

Information about Surili’s doing is exposed to the family but this backfires as she has gained their trust. Surili then makes matters worse by tricking Uma into giving her their wealth.  

Surili finds herself in trouble but turns the situation around and blames someone else for her doings.

Sacred Ties

After one year has passed Archana returns back home. Varsha and Satish also talk things through after what had happened. Vaishali prepares for her Marriage with Dharmesh.

Manav and Archana finally see one another after Manav discovers Archana is actually the supervisor for the company he works for. Archana over hears Manav tell the ticket collector at the station that he and Shalini aren’t married. Dayaram tells Manav that even though destiny separated him and Archana somehow it’s bringing them together again.


East Meets West

Lisa finds herself in between a rock and a hard place. Fortunately, Abhay’s grandfather comes to the rescue. Uday stands up and volunteers to marry Lamita.

It looks like Rekha’s intentions are in question. Lamita is getting cold feet and questions whether or not she will be able to satisfy her in-laws. Rekha convinces Rama to perform Abhay and Lisa’s wedding ritual behind Ranbir’s back. Rekha realises that she is actually not getting her way with the wedding plans. What will she do to stop the wedding from proceeding successfully?

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