Silicon Valley Premieres Season 3 With Richard Fired As CEO Of Piep Piper

The third season of the tech based comedy Silicon Valley Premiered on Sunday.

The HBO comedy was overshadowed by the Premiere of another HBO release, Game Of Thrones.

Silicon Valley is pretty much about a bunch of nerds led by Richard Hendricks whose brilliant idea leads to the creation of their company- Pied Piper.

Despite their intelligence, the quartet go from one round of misfortune to another. Season 2 ended with trihmphs for them, winning a lawsuit against Hooli and winning the Tech Crunch Challenge.

They also managed to shake off their burden of an investor, Henneman. Season 3 starts right where season 2 left off, with yet another round of a problem which needs solving.

The Raviga led board decides to fire Richard as the CEO of the company, choosing instead to make him CTO.

“You’ve created a company too valuable for you to run. You should feel good about that” Richard is told as he’s booted off.

He is replaced by Jack Barner who comes across as your typical overachieving CEO.

Richard decides to leave Pied Piper in a fit of anger, while Dinesh and Gilfoyle decide to stay put at the company.

That’s a lot of action for one episode, right?

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