GOtv Weekly Highlights 25 – 30 April

Check out the GOtv highlight for this week.

  •  Sony Channel, channel 21 on GOtv Plus

    Royal Pains (Season 3): The series follows the misadventures of doctor Hank, a rising star in the New York City medical community – until he loses everything fighting for the life of a patient. Season 3 brings big changes to Hank’s family as he learns the real reason he has never met his grandfather Ted, and he appears to be gaining a sister-in-law when Paige says yes to Evan’s proposal…with one worrisome caveat.  Special guest stars include Henry Winkler (Happy Days) and Julie Benz (Dexter).. New season starts on Monday 25 April at 20:55 CAT.

    *   Zee World, channel  25 on GOtv Plus

    East Meets West is a story based on the lives of two grandsons of a Punjabi family (The Singh’s) from Delhi, who get married to girls who are culturally and geographically poles apart from each other. One hails from a small town in Punjab, while the other is a foreigner who has been brought up overseas. The story takes many turns; romantic, emotional, dramatic and purely funny when the two girls start living under the same roof. It airs from Monday 25 April at 21:00 CAT.

    *   Sony Channel, channel 21 on GOtv Plus
    The Pursuit of Happyness: Will Smith stars in this moving tale inspired by the true story of Chris Gardner, a San Francisco salesman struggling to build a future for himself and his 5-year-old son Christopher (Jaden Smith). When his girlfriend Linda (Thandie Newton) walks out, Chris is left to raise Christopher (Jaden Smith) on his own. With self-confidence and the love and trust of his son, Chris Gardner rises above his obstacles to become a Wall Street legend. Airs on Wednesday 27 April at 20:00 CAT.

    *   Sony Max, channel 22 on GOtv Value

    Logan’s War: Bound by Honor: When 10-year-old Logan Fallon witnesses the brutal execution style slaying of his family, he vows to avenge the murders.  Fifteen years later, having developed into an extraordinary martial artist under the watchful eye of his uncle, Jake Fallon, Logan is a man on a mission.  Going undercover as a hitman, Logan infiltrates the largest crime syndicate in Chicago and wins the confidence of the man who ordered the murder of his family.  In a gripping and action packed finale, Logan is confronted with a choice: will he fulfill the child’s vow of revenge or the adult’s commitment to justice?  Airs on Monday 25 April at 21:00 CAT.

    *   Nickelodeon, channel 62 GOtv Value & GOtv Plus

    Harvey Beaks: Under his adorable appearance, Harvey Beaks passes as the typical good kid and unnoticed boy in the school yard. But don’t be fooled: just below that innocent, kind and caring surface is hidden an adventurous and little naughty guy willing to come out at every chance! More if found opposite twin brothers Fee and Foo, two beings from the woods and best friends with Harvey that don’t hesitate to put their friend in the search of trouble! Follow all these new adventures Monday to Friday at 14:00 CAT and don’t miss the new episodes marathons taking place on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 at 09:20 CAT and 15:20 CAT.

    *           Telemundo, channel 14 on GOtv Plus
    Under the same Sky: Cristobal finally reveals to Adela her true identity and what her relationship with Laura is. Rodrigo finds out that Adela was at La Colonia. Rodrigo continues to investigate if Mati and Adela are the same person.Felicia finds out that she is pregnant. Carlos asks Adela to marry him. Jacob learns that Rodrigo was involved with gangs. ICE officers arrive at Carlos’ house and they threaten to take him away. Premieres weekdays at 17.10pm.
    A Passion for Revenge: Nena asks Samuel why he and his brothers want to work for the Del Junco family. She wants to know if they are seeking vengeance for Alma’s death. Irina has noticed that Veronica is very interested in Pablo. Soledad speaks to the Gallardo brothers about Veronica’s likeness to Alma. Leonardo blames the construction workers for stealing construction materials, and Cayetana threatens to call the police to report this theft. Premieres weekdays at 6pm.

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