Cleveland To Pay $6 Million To Settle Tamir Rice Case

The City of Cleveland will pay $6 million dollars to the family of Tamir Rice to settle the lawsuit brought by the family against the city.

12 year old Tamir Rice was shot and killed by Cleveland Police in 2014 in an incident which sparked considerable public outcry. He is one of several African Americans shot and killed by white Policemen in seemingly innocuous situations.

Tamir was shot and killed by a policeman when someone called 911 to report he was holding a toy gun near a recreational center. The caller had told police that he was a juvenile and that the gun was probably fake.

The police officer who shot Tamir Rice, Timothy Loehmann will not face criminal charges after a Cuyahoga County grand jury decided not to indict him. The $6 million settlement will bring an end to the wrongful death lawsuit and joins a list of cases where a city decided on settling the families of people who were wrongfully killed by policemen.


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