Beyonce’s Album ‘Lemonade’ Is Now Available For Purchase On iTunes

Beyonce's album Lemonade is now available on Tunes

Beyonce’s sixth studio album was released on Saturday night in pretty much the Beyonce way- stealthily. Beyonce has called ‘Lemonade’ is a ‘visual album’ and upon its release, it was only available for streaming on Tidal.

Beyonce's album Lemonade is now available on Tunes


Tidal is a streaming service owned by Beyonce’s husband Jay Z and the company has struggled to match the numbers of bigger players like Spotify. Nevertheless, a string of exclusives by Tidal has put them back in the running especially with Rihanna and Kanye West putting their albums exclusively on Tidal albeit for limited periods.

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Beyonce also owns a stake in Tidal and her album is now available for purchase on iTunes barely 48 hours after Tidal announced on Saturday that it had exclusive access.

The album costs $17.99 and it remains unclear if it will be made available to Spotify. Despite her investment in Tidal, Beyonce’s chances of cracking the Billboard top 100 will largely have influenced her decision to make the album available to iTunes.


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