Protests In Cairo As Policeman Kills Tea Vendor

Security Forces in Egypt

Irate Egyptians have begun protests in Cairo following the killing of a tea vendor by a policeman . An argument between a group of police officers and a tea vendor over the price of tea led to the policeman killing the vendor and wounding two others.

Although the policeman involved has been arrested and handed over to prosecutors, crowds of people smashed a police car as they shouted ‘the police are thugs’.

The body of the dead vendor was left on the street in the suburb Rehab where the incident occurred and violence broke out again when an ambulance arrived to take the body away.

Police brutality is commonplace in Egypt and the government seems to turn a blind eye to it. In February, a policeman shot and killed a taxi driver and has now been sentenced to life in prison. However, a lot of Egyptians blame the government’s tacit acceptance of police brutality as the root cause of the problem.

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