GLORY EDOZIEN VLOG – Driving Pet Peeves

A special skill is required for driving in Lagos. Whether it’s the propensity to withstand long endless hours in traffic, or the ability to drive an almost empty tank for days, Lagos drivers achieve various feats every day. But Lagos drivers are notoriously famous for other things too- such as blatant floating of traffic signals, honking at EVERYYYYYTHING and unnecessary driving antics.

Few things get on my nerves like careless driving. I find myself constantly screaming at other motorists or shouting ‘Jesus’ on a per second basis anytime I am behind the wheel. From motorists who decide to take a one way route, refuse to let you overtake or cyclists who block busy roads, my driving pet peeves are endless!

In my head, I see myself as a careful driver. I hold my steering with two hands using the ten and two position and I always indicate. I keep to a sensible speed limit and I try my hardest not to block intersections of traffic. So on most days, I tend to feel quite helpless and frustrated while driving. Is this the same for you? Do you sometimes question the sanity of many Lagos motorists or are you a constant perpetuator of some the driving pet peeves I have mentioned in the vlog?

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