Investigative Panel Yet To Release Findings On Queens College Molestation Case

One month after allegations were brought a teacher at a Federal government run secondary school, Queens College, the case seems to have grown cold.


A biology teacher, Mr. Olaseni Oshifala  whom an anonymous student accused of molestation in a letter to olorisupergal.com generated considerable media furor. The allegations were followed by a rash of rebuttals, first from the management of the school after an initial period of silence.

Two days after the School management released the press statement, it was deleted from the school’s website. 

In a public statement, the Principal who is fairly new at the school admitted that there had been several allegations of improper behavior brought against Mr. Oshifala in the past.

“I have quietly observed Olaseni over time. I have X-rayed his relationship with students and I have not found him wanting. The same students he has been accused of molesting, are the ones who voted him their best teacher. The PTA Chairman is an external person, and she attests to the character of the accused teacher. It did not take long for me to see why the past principals recommended him.”

Nevertheless, the Principal, Vice Principal as well as the head of the Parents Teachers association insisted that the allegations were false.

Mr. Oshifala said on Facebook that the allegations were mere fabrication by some ‘enemies’ who were looking to smear his name.

Some students of Queens College even took to the streets with placards to protest Mr. Oshifala’s innocence. (LINK)

Eventually, the allegations caught the attention of the Queens College Old girls association. The Queens College Old Girls association in their findings called for an investigation by the federal ministry of education after they revealed that Mr. Oshifala has a history of improper behavior towards female students.

SEE HERE: Queens College Old Girls Association Calls For Investigation

The Association also recommended that Mr. Oshifala be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Two weeks after the allegations, the Federal ministry of Education announced the setting up of an investigative panel to look into the allegations and produce a report within two weeks. Some of the members of the investigative panel were seen at the Queens college premises talking to members of staff as well as students.

It’s been three weeks since the investigative panel was set up and we’re no closer to a report now than we were three weeks ago. It remains unclear when the panel intends to release the report.

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