Photos From Inspired By Glory Workshop In Lagos


The INSPIRED BY GLORY #My2016GoalsWorkshop held on February 13th 2016. The objective of the #My2016Goals Workshop was to create an opportunity for participants to set realistic, targeted and ambitious goals, while also ensuring that they had the tools to remain focused on actualisation throughout 2016.

At the end of the event each participant had a set of realistic goals, a personal vision board, tools for tracking and monitoring progress,  an understanding of the role of finance in realising her goals, especially in tough economic times as well as understanding how self love was critical to their success.




The workshop will featured amazing speakers, with tried, tested and trusted strategies for achieving set ambitions and targets. They included;

  • Stephanie Obi – Business Coach who helped participants create their personal vision boards and taught on how to stay focused on achieving their goals
    • Omilola Oshikoya – Africa’s Premier Wealth Coach who spoke on how to finance your dreams and visions as well as important financial goals to set during tough economic times
    • Glory Edozien– Founder Inspired by Glory also spoke on  how being your authentic self is key to success


It was an AMAZING time had by all, not only in learning from the speakes but also sharing from vulnerable places and making new friends. if you missed the event, well…like I always say…you missed a LOT! Not to worry, you can order audio CDs of the event emailing me on But just in case you want proof that fun was had by ALL who attended, here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure. Also a few testimonials from the event are available so you can see just how much value the workshop participants gained from attending


INSPIRED BY GLORY WORKSHOP 1 Inspired By Glory Workshop 2


I have taken serious steps towards loving myself more. I am taking charge of my emotions and pursuing the dreams on my vision board assiduously!- Participant from workshop

At the risk of sounding like a foodie, the food was amazing. We were not fed like beggars, we were fed like royalty. I also liked the fact that it was a small intimate meeting, that way it was more impactful than all the other overcrowded meetings I’ve been to. So the idea of a fee is amazing, if It was free you would have had more people and it would have been less impactful. And I made a new friend too!- Participant from workshop

i love sincerity and simplicity of the instructors-  Participant from workshop

I loved it. Loving yourself and setting goals equals to an excellent and balance life.- Participant from workshop


Photographer: Eniola Abureme Photography


Inspired By Glory Workshop 3 Inspired By Glory Workshop 4 Inspired By Glory Workshop 5

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