MP’s Begin Impeachment Debate On Dilma Rousseff

Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff will definitely be biting her fingers over the course of the next few weeks.

Facing a wave of unpopularity and presiding over the worst economic recession in decades, Dilma Rousseff is hugely unpopular.

She is facing the possibility of impeachment after members of Brazil’s lower house accused her of contravening Budget rules to finance her reelection in 2014.

On Monday, a congressional committee last week voted on her impeachment proceedings going forward. On Wednesday as another party in her coalition pulled out, an impeachment is looking likely.

A corruption scandal at state run oil company, Petrobas has implicated many of her political associates.

Dilma Rousseff has described the impeachment process as a coup, accusing her vice president as well as the leader of the lower house of being coup plotters.

Dilma Rousseff’s attempt to quash the impeachment bid at the supreme court failed on Thursday as she promised to fight the “coup attempt” to the last minute.

The PMDB as well as the Progressive Party have pulled out of her coalition government with both parties vowing to vote in favor of her impeachment.

The debate at the lower house is likely to take several weeks before the debate reaches the Senate.

A two third vote by the Senate in favor of her impeachment by the Senate will see her Vice President, Michael Temer to take over.

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