What Olajumoke Orisaguna Can Teach Us About Life and Business


What Former Bread Seller Olajumoke Orisaguna Can Teach Us About Life and Business by Jumoke Adekanye.

Olajumoke Orisaguna needs no introduction, she has become the epitome of the Nigerian dream. Her zero to hero story is currently the most talked about in town. People are still fervently fasting for that kind of miraculous turn around.

Two days ago, Olajumoke Orisaguna was profiled on Wikipedia and this also made the news. Trust Nigerians, the lure isn’t the fact that out of the thousands of Nigerian girls who are trekking the streets with no hope of ever doing something with their life, one woman had the opportunity to achieve her dreams.


For most Nigerians, the lure is getting a miracle you didn’t deserve and as much as Olajumoke’s story might seem like one, it isn’t about a miracle she didn’t deserve, it’s about a miracle that fell her way while doing something with her life.

Olajumoke Orisaguna

We often misconstrue success and luck, success is defined as getting or achieving wealth, respect or fame. Luck is the chance happening of fortunate or adverse events. Success happens to those expecting and working for it while luck happens to those who are not expecting or working for it.

Olajumoke Orisaguna worked for her success and that should never be defined as luck. The part people forget in this story is the fact that T Y Bello didn’t meet her in her home, she wasn’t sleeping on her bed, she was working. You may be educated and enlightened and rich but there are few lessons Olajumoke can teach each and every one of us about life and business.


Hardwork is not Cheap to Come By


Bread Sellers wake up very early in the morning to go about and after trekking for a long distance, they go back to prepare for the evening sales. This is the pattern they follow each and every single day. Olajumoke did this for a measly N300 commission every day. The job is not easy but she did  it anyway and with this money, she cared for her child.


Hardwork is rare and the truth is to be really successful in life or whatever business endeavor you choose, you have to be hardworking. You have to give it your all and sacrifice valuable time because in the end, this is what will truly and distinctively dignify you as a successful person.


Giving Up is for Loosers


You can’t give up, although the current Nigerian situation is screaming it, you just can’t. People tell the story of Abraham Lincoln without really immersing themselves in the true lesson of the story. The man failed his way to sucess. Olajumoke didn’t stop selling bread despite the hardship that comes with it or her current situation, she toiled her way to success.

You might be looking for a job right now or you might be trying to break even after sacrificing everything for your entrepreneurial dream. Don’t give up, believe me, your success is just around the corner. Now as much as we all expect and pray for divine helpers, your key to success might not be a divine helper, your key to success might be a readjustment of your product or service, might be taking that job you didn’t want to take.

Giving up is for losers, don’t be a looser.


Always Stay Humble


After her fame, many predicted that Olajumoke Orisaguna was going to leave her husband, abandon her kids and walk the doomed path of fame Nigerians are popularly known for. She didn’t or she hasn’t. The young woman still carries her short hair, she still takes her family to wherever she is going to. She still smiles with the same grace.


Humility isn’t something that is taught, it is something that is imbibed and it is something that helps us to stay on the winning side. Why is it that Mark Zuckerberg still wears all those T Shirts when he can choose to wear the latest Gucci Suit?

Why is it that Melinda Gates, as rich and famous as her husband is still hangs out with poor people wherever her philanthropic work takes her to.

In life and business, always stay humble. That is the ultimate key to sustainable success.


Jumoke Adekanye is the Founder of Araba. Jumoke is committed to empowering female entrepreneurs and career women to live up to their true potential and succeed in all their endeavors. Jumoke is a Content Writer, Social Media Whiz and Dream Catcher. Connect with her on Twitter @Susiebull

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