Brazilian President Brands Her Vice President A Coup Plotter

Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff who is facing the possibility of being impeached has labeled her Vice President a coup plotter.

On Tuesday, a congressional committee voted in favor of her impeachment and with two parties pulling out of her coalition government, it is unlikely Rousseff will get the required votes to prevent the impeachment when the lower house takes a general vote.

On Monday, a recording of Vice President, Michael Temer leaked in which he is heard practising the speech he would make if Rousseff gets impeached.

“We are living in strange and worrying times, times of a coup and pretending and treachery,” she said.  “Yesterday they used the pretense of a leak to give the order for the conspiracy.”

In thinly veiled references to Speaker of the lower house, Eduardo Cunha and Temer, Rousseff said, “They are coup plotters, without respect for democracy, they are trying to bring down without legal justification a president elected with 54 million votes.”


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