Three Congolese UN Peacekeepers Face Trial Over Alleged Sexual Abuse

United Nations is facing a stern test of its reputation following over 80 allegations of sexual abuse leveled against peacekeepers in the Central African Republic and other countries.

Some of the peacekeepers accused are French troops and three Congolese peacekeepers from the UN’s MINUSCA mission are facing trial in Kinshasa today.

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Sergeant Jackson Kikola, Sergeant major Kibeka Mulamba Djuma stand accused of raping young girls while Nsasi Ndazu was charged with disobeying orders and attempted rape- all three men pleaded not guilty.  18 other Congolese peacekeepers who stand accused of the same crimes will see their trial commence in the months to come.

Under UN regulations, the peacekeepers can only be tried by their countries and this is seen by many as the real obstacle to the dispensation of justice.

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It is unclear when France will begin a trial for its soldiers accused of forcing girls to sleep with dogs during a peacekeeping mission in CAR and paid them $9 each.


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