The Flying Selfie Stick Will Change Selfies As You Know It

The world has become so seemingly obsessed with selfies that it has gained acceptance into the English dictionary as an actual word!

If the selfie stick changed pictures and the our enhanced our obsession with taking selfies, the flying selfie stick aims to take the selfie craze to new levels. The ROAM-e is the world’s first flying selfie stick and pretty much operates like a drone, allowing you take pictures and record videos but the designers insist its not a drone.

“We all know drones fly around and take pictures, but because we’ve tailored it to be portable and in your space, it fits into a different category,”

The ROAM-e opens at a price of $267 and it will be a matter of time before we judge if the flying selfie stick will charge on. I won’t be betting on it though, seeing as regular selfie sticks cost just about $10!

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