Tesla’s Model 3 Is The World’s Most Affordable Electric Car

Tesla has unveiled its mass market electric vehicle today to thousands of excited prospective customers.

The Tesla Model 3 will start out at $35,000 with people standing in lines since Tuesday evening to make the $1,000 down payment to ensure they’ll be part of the first 200,000 owners of the vehicle. This is despite the fact that the Tesla will not be shipped to buyers until late 2017.

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Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk disclosed that the Model 3 has been pre-ordered by 134,000 and he boasted that “At Tesla, we don’t build slow cars,” as the Model 3 can go from 0-60 mph in just 60 seconds. The Model 3 has increased range and will be capable of going at least 364km per charge.

The success or failure of Tesla’s Model 3 will undoubtedly rest on the strength of the sales of the Model 3 after posting a net loss of £620m in 2015.



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