Genesis Deluxe Cinema’s Nolly Thursdays

The four Afrinolly #CinemaForChange films to be showcased are:

“Henna” is a story about 13 year old Reina with dreams in a village where young girls are  married  out  at  a  young  age.  By Ishaya Bako


“The Dutiful Wife” Ibidun has what every woman wants: the love of her husband, Francis; the security of his  wealth;  and  the  honour  of  his  status  as  a  leader  in  the Church.  But By Soji Ogunnaike.
“Once” is about 10year old muslim boy, Panshak and his best friend 11year old Abubakar and how they manage to survive the crisis in Jos. By Jay-Franklyn Jitubor


“Timothy”  would  run  whenever  his  father  tried  to  inject  him against  malaria.  So  when he  ran  that  night,  Obajimi  knew  his  son  would  come  home  to  bed that  night  and  be  injected just like everyone in the family. By Ejiro Onobrakpor.

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