Bernie Sanders Gets A Crucial Win In Utah Primaries

Democratic party Presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders will probably egg his supporters on by showing them the number of times they’ve wrested victory despite being counted out.

At the start of the primaries, Bernie Sanders was seen as a bit of a lightweight but he has since proved many doubters wrong, giving Hillary Clinton a proper run for her money. His victory in Michigan despite polls suggesting a massive loss was in many ways similar to his victory at the Utah primaries on Tuesday.

Although Hillary still holds a considerable lead in the number of delegates; 1,203 to Sanders’ 860, Sanders will probably hold his head high if he loses the Democratic nomination. Although he lost at the Arizona primaries, winning 75% of votes in Utah, Sanders managed to keep his slim hopes alive.

On the Republican front, Donald Trump recorded a victory in Arizona to keep his momentum going while Ted Cruz had to be content with winning the Utah primaries.

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