‘Batman Vs Superman’ Opens To Some Truly Awful Reviews

2016 will undoubtedly go down as the year of super hero movies.

Let’s face it, not every year will kick off with an insanely and inappropriately funny movie like ‘Deadpool’ and will go on to promise ‘Batman vs Superman; Dawn of Justice’ as well asCaptain America, Civil War’.

If you didn’t die of excitement from the trailer of BvS or you were frothing at the mouth waiting to see a broody Ben Affleck play Batman, movie critics say you might have to done down your expectations a little, or a lot…depending on who you believe.

Look away now DC fan boys!

Batman vs Superman opened this weekend to some truly critical reviews. Josh Dickey calls the Zack Snyder directed action thriller a hot mess, he wrote;

Because Batman v Superman is an atomized mess of a story, with loopy shortcuts, confounding red herrings and overblown dialogue at every turn. Each characters’ motivation is hanging by a thread: Why is Lex Luthor doing this? Why is Batman doing that? There’s a big “Why?” dragging down decisions and grudges and just about everything else, but — holy concussive jolt Batman, did that explosion rattle our skulls or what?

Michael Philip of the Chicago Tribune in his review, “Yawn of Justice” calls the movie “a near total drag” and concludes his review by stating, “humankind deserves a better blockbuster”.

In fairness, Batman vs Superman has also got its share of decent reviews so now it’s down to you to break the tie. Be sure you share your opinion when you see the movie! Don’t forget its probably going to make a boat load of money so who cares about a few bad reviews?


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